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Meaning Conference 2014 — July 24-27 Vancouver, BC

Dr Paul WongWelcome to DrPaulWong.com! The central location for information about Paul. From recent writing and upcoming publications, workshops and conferences, to research and his clinical practice, it is all here.  There is also plenty of biographical information, as well as his upcoming public calendar.

So just who is this Dr Paul Wong?  In his own words:

“I’m a Psychology Prof, Clinical Psychologist, author, speaker and justice fighter. My greatest happiness is to bring happiness to the suffering people. Founder of Meaning-Centered Counselling Institute, International Network on Personal Meaning INPM, and the International Society for Existential Psychology and Psychotherapy ISEPP. Married to Lilian with two sons Austin and Wesley.”

I write on a variety of Meaning-based topics, such as: Positive Psychology, Meaning Therapy & Existential Psychology, The Adaptive Functions of Acceptance, Coaching and Leadership, Positive Management and Leadership, and Stress, Coping and Resilience.