Edited or Authored by Dr. Paul Wong

Inspirations for Difficult Times (2019)

Many have found encouragement and spiritual help from Dr. Paul T. P. Wong’s daily inspirations posted on Facebook. This book is a collection of Paul’s personal favourites and his most popular quotes.

The wisdom in these pages results from Dr. Wong’s life-long search for meaning and his discovery that the answer to life’s toughest questions can only be found in the intersections between religious faith, existential philosophy, and psychological science. Extending Dr. Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy, Dr. Wong calls his approach existential positive psychology. Dr. Wong believes that there is nothing more positive and uplifting than confronting the horrors of life, and emerging stronger and happier. Whatever your personal struggles and whatever your unspeakable private hell, you will find some encouragement, hope, and joy from this book that was written with tears of sorrow and joy.

It was published as part of the celebration of Dr. Wong’s 80th birthday and the 20th anniversary of the International Network of Personal Meaning (INPM;, a non-profit founded by Dr. Wong. Proceeds from sales of the book will support his ongoing teaching and writing, and INPM’s various projects, such as the Meaning Conferences and Student Scholarships.

The Positive Psychology of Meaning and Addiction Recovery (2013)

This is a rare collection of papers by leading authorities on addiction recovery. The distinguished list of contributors includes Alan Marlatt, George Vaillant, Stanton Peele, Jaak Panksepp, and Scott Tonigan. Although each represents different theoretical perspectives of addiction and recovery, all see recovery as more than mere abstinence.

The Human Quest for Meaning: Theories, Research, and Applications (2nd Edition) (2012)

The first edition of The Human Quest for Meaning was a major publication on the empirical research of meaning in life and its vital role in well-being, resilience, and psychotherapy. This new edition continues that quest and seeks to answer the questions, what is the meaning of life? How do we explain what constitutes meaningful relationships, work, and living?

The Positive Psychology of Meaning and Spirituality: Selected Papers from Meaning Conferences (2012)

Papers and presentations from conferences held by the International Network on Personal Meaning (INPM). Articles are included from luminaries such as Howard Gardner, Harold Koenig, Salvatore Maddi, Jordan Peterson, Donald Meichenbaum, Crystal Park, Paul Wong, Kirk Schneider, and Bernard Weiner.

Existential and Spiritual Issues in Death Attitudes (2007)

This book provides an in-depth examination of death attitudes, existentialism, and spirituality and their relationships; a review of the major theoretical models; clinical applications of these models to issues such as infertility, bereavement, anxiety, and suicide; and an introduction to meaning management theory and how it can be applied to grief counseling.

Handbook of Multicultural Perspectives on Stress and Coping (2005)

The only book currently available that focuses and multicultural, cross-cultural and international perspectives of stress and coping. A very comprehensive resource book on the subject matter. Contains many groundbreaking ideas and findings in stress and coping research. Contributors are international scholars, both well-established authors as well as younger scholars with new ideas. Appeals to managers, missionaries, and other professions which require working closely with people from other cultures.

The Human Quest for Meaning: A Handbook of Psychological Research and Clinical Applications (1st Edition) (1998)

Does life have real meaning? Is it worth living? How can one make sense of suffering, illness, and death? Through the ages, philosophers, clergy, and laypeople alike have grappled with such existential concerns. Some have taken the position that deep questions about meaning are unanswerable, that ideally one should take life as it comes.


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