COVID-19 Mental Health Resources: Measures and Interventions

by Dr. Paul Wong


These psychological tests were developed for research and therapy. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these tests could be used to assess one’s wellbeing and mental health. Please email for permission to use these tests for research or publication; otherwise, feel free to download these tests for personal use.


Dr. Paul Wong is looking for co-authors to help complete his research projects of creating and validating scales related to second wave positive psychology, meaning in life, and wellbeing.

If you are interested, click the button below to see open projects and email him directly at

About Made for Resilience and Happiness: Effective Coping with COVID-19 According to Viktor E. Frankl and Paul T. P. Wong

This book is a response to the enormous threat to our mental health posed by COVID-19. The pandemic has exposed both the inadequacy of our present mental health system and the inherent limitations of human beings. The traditional way of facing disruptions with individual strengths is no longer adequate in overcoming this global disaster, which calls for a collective and transformative way of coping.

Dr. Paul T. P. Wong has put together this resource book based on his expertise in coping, meaning therapy and existential positive psychology. This book shows how you can develop your innate capabilities and coping skills to adapt well to the era of the pandemic. This book is grounded in both scientific research and clinical experiences. It was written in an inspirational but down-to-earth manner. The new vision of resilience and joy in the face of an uncertain future will empower you to go through the darkest hours with optimism.

About the Author

Paul WongDr. Paul T. P. Wong is one of the world’s leaders on Viktor Frankl, and existential positive psychology. An author, speaker, and educator, he is Professor Emeritus at Trent University, Ontario. He is also founder and President of the International Network on Personal Meaning (, and editor-in-chief of International Journal of Existential Positive Psychology (

He is uniquely qualified to author this unusual resource book because he has personally endured and overcome all kinds of suffering. He claims to be a constantly wounded warrior who still stands tall and strives to create a better world. His motto is: “My mission is to bring meaning and happiness to suffering people.” For those interested in his life story, please visit

Copyright © 2020 Paul T. P. Wong 

All rights reserved.

Published by INPM Press, 2020

Made for Resilience and Happiness: Effective Coping with COVID-19 According to Viktor E. Frankl and Paul T. P. Wong  is assigned ISBN 978-1-7987695-2-3

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Book Design by Tim Yu

Made for Resilience: Effective Coping With COVID-19

According to Viktor E. Frankl & Paul T. P. Wong

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# Title of Chapter/Section Notes
Book Front Cover
0 Book Description
1 Dedication page
2 Preface
3 Introduction: How a Healthy Dosage of Self-Transcendence can Overcome COVID-19
4 Chapter 1: You Were Made for Resilience and Happiness for Times Like These
5 Chapter 2: Viktor Frankl’s Cure for COVID-19
6 Chapter 3: The New Science of Suffering and Flourishing
7 Chapter 4: Coping with the Mental Health Crisis of COVID-19: A Resilience Perspective
8 Chapter 5: Lesson on Belief and Hope
9 Chapter 6: Lesson on Responsibility: You Need Relationships Now More Than Ever
10 Chapter 7: Lesson on Appreciation–The Magic Power of Gratitude: You Better Believe it!
11 Chapter 8: Lesson on Meaning
12 Chapter 9: Lesson on Mindfullness and the Power of Acceptance
13 Chapter 10: Lesson on Mental Toughness: The Defiant Power of Courage
14 Chapter 11 Effective Coping with Trauma
15 Chapter 12: Review your Past for a Better Future: The Critical Choice Points Through Life Review
16 Chapter 13: Be Your Best Because Others Depend on You
17 Chapter 14: Only Sacrificial Love Could Save Your Marriage From the COVID-19 Lockdown
18 Chapter 15: Lesson on Flexibility: Flexibility is the Mega-strategy of Surviving COVID-19
19 Chapter 16: Lesson on Happiness
20 Conclusion: How to find Inner Peace and Life Balance in Times of Crisis
21 The Best Resilience Quotes to Fight COVID-19
22 Measurement and Scales Scoring Keys
23 References
24 Endorsements (Part 1)
25 Book Backcover & Endorsements (Part 2)



Wong, P. T. P. (2020). Made for Resilience and Happiness: Effective Coping with COVID-19 According to Viktor E. Frankl and Paul T. P. Wong. Toronto, Ontario: INPM Press.

All COVID-19 Psychological Instruments

Title Abb. Article Notes
CASMAC Wong, 2019

Measure of Character

See full article here.

Critical Choice Points Wong, 2020 Critical choices for living a good life
Coping Schemas Inventory-Revised CSI-R Wong, Reker & Peacock, 2006 See here for original print
Existential Gratitude Scale EGS Jans-Beken & Wong, 2019
Existential Coping Scale ECS Wong, Reker & Peacock, 2006 A combination of the Meaning and Acceptance subscales in Wong, Reker & Peacock’s (2006) Coping Schemas Inventory-Revised
Lesson on Belief and Hope Wong, 2020 Need to post
Life Attitudes Scale LAS Wong, Leung, Vroon & Steinfort, 2003

Tragic Optimism

See Wong, 2007 for more

Life Attitudes Scale-Brief LAS-B Wong, Arslan & Leung, 2020
Personal Meaning Profile PMP Wong 1998
Personal Meaning Profile-Brief PMP-B McDonald, Wong, & Gingras, 2012
Resilient Mindset Measure Wong & Arslan, 2020
Responsability Scale Wong & Arslan, 2020 User Guide here
Search for Meaning Scale (2019) SMS Wong, 2019
Suffering Measure during COVID-19 Measure SMCOVID-19 Wong, 2020
True Grit Checklist TGC Wong, 2017
Vulnerability Awareness Scale VAS Wong, 2021 See scale description here.





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