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INPM Summer Institute 2013

Click for more details Troubled by senseless traumas, such as the Quebec train wreck, Calgary flooding, and 911?  Saddened by the seemingly futile struggles for meaning in terminal patients and the old-old? Puzzled by the human...

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Pastoral Care: Imagine the Possibilities

Dr. Wong presenting several keynote speeches at the 45th Annual Alberta Pastoral Care Association Conference, April 15 & 16, 2013, in Lethbridge Alberta.  Click here for more details.  Here are the links to the Powerpoint...

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  • The good habit of focusing on some difficult task consistently each day is the best preparation for future success.
  • Unfortunately, sometimes expressions of anger & desperation are the only way to get thru another person's defense mechanisms.
  • Ever since my teenage days, I have been writing inspirational statements and aphorisms as a way to keep my sanity…Jz
  • Wu Wei does not mean doing nothing or becoming helpless. It means giving up futile and harmful striving in favour…iz
  • The only way U can be brutally honest with yourself is to begin by assuming full responsibility for all UR problems.