What a difference a year’s delay has made!

The pandemic has achieved something I was not able to after 4 decades of research and publication on the positive psychology of suffering.  

With daily exposure to images of death like the above, and the constant drumbeat of new cases and new COVID-19 deaths, I no longer need to convince people that the world is full of dangers and transcending suffering represents the other half of wellbeing.

The 11th Biennial Meaning Conference is perhaps the most consequential conference we have organized. We have assembled leading researchers around the world to wrestle with the pressing challenge: How can we achieve wellbeing and human flourishing in times of suffering?

In this conference, you will be able to find out the ground-breaking research and innovative interventions on how to transform your vulnerabilities into resilience, and suffering into flourishing. You will also learn how to achieve positive mental health in difficult times and how to prepare young people for an uncertain future.

In short, you will be surprised by the findings of the new science of suffering, that sustainable wellbeing can only be attained through embracing and transcending one’s deepest pain and worst fears.

New research will show you that the natural instinct of seeking pleasure and avoiding pain may result in unnecessary suffering in our complex society, whereas staring into one’s abyss may enable people to discover their true self.

I want to extend my warmest welcome to all my old and new friends. I look forward to joining hands with you virtually on advancing this bold vision of bringing meaning and happiness to all the suffering people.

Sincerely yours,


Paul T. P. Wong, Ph.D., C.Psych.

President, International Network on Personal Meaning (http://www.meaning.ca/conference)

Chair, International Meaning Conference (www.meaning.ca/conferences)