Part 2: Full Length Contributions

Wong, Lilian C. J. Introduction to Parts 2 and 3: What Kind of Man is Paul T. P. Wong? Why Does His Psychology Matter?
Maddi, Salvatore R. Contribution to Paul T. P. Wong’s Festschrift
Hwang, Kwang-Kuo On Mature Happiness: Life Thrives in Sorrow and Calamity
Neimeyer, Robert A. Beyond Death Anxiety: Evolution of a Research Program
Hoffman, Louis & Perlstein, Jane Varieties of Suffering and Meaning: Considering the Contributions of Paul T. P. Wong
Leontiev, Dmitry Positive Psychology 2.0 as “Height Psychology”: Toward a Multidimensional View
Tweed, Roger; Proctor, Carmel; & Palmer, Megan What’s Missing from Positive Psychology? Thoughts Including a Lesson from Historical Paintings
van Deurzen, Emmy The Search for Existential Meaning
Marsella, Anthony J. In Search of Meaning: Belief, Doubt, Wellbeing, Meaning-Making — “A Dynamic Calculus
Bond, Michael & Miu-Chi, Vivian Lun A Multi-national Study of Satisfaction with One’s Life to Date Using Big Five Predictors in National Cultures Socializing Children for Different Qualities
Laird, Don The Separateness of Modern Life: A Curious Dilemma Between Meaning and Suffering
Blagen, Julia Yang The Psychology of Courage: Striving and Overcoming “In-Spite-Of”
Lo, Alfred Pak-Kwan; Fok, Hung Kit; & Cheung, Teddy C. K. Measuring Mental Well-being in Kids: Validation of the Child Flourishing Scale in a Hong Kong Chinese Population
Mayer, Claude-Helene Transforming Shame Experiences through Therapeutic Interventions
Steger, Michael Exploring the Relationship Meaning in Life and Meaning in Life’s Domains: Suggestions for a New General Approach
Worth, Piers & Smith, Matthew A “Life Story” Theory of Creativity: How Childhood and Midlife Experiences May Link in Our Eudaimonic Journey
Russo-Netzer, Pninit & Davidov, Jonathan What is it Life to be Authentic? Exploring the Authenticity Spectrum
Emmons, Robert A. How Gratitude Makes Suffering Sufferable
Krippner, Stanley How My Interest in Existential Psychology Led Me to Paul Wong
Chang, Shu-Mei & Wu, Harriet H. M. “Positive Psychology 2.0” that transcends suffering and cultivates mature happiness and its advocator Dr. Paul Wong
Lomas, Tim The Dialectics of Wellbeing


Part 3: Brief Contributions

Aaron Jarden TBA
Austin Wong TBA
Bernard Weiner TBA
Carolyn Scott An Inspirational Mentor
Chieh Hsu A Born Giver
David Carreno Who is Paul T. P. Wong to Me?
Dean Davey Paul T. P. Wong: For Me, A Man of Many Titles
Don Page A Godly Servant Leader for All Seasons
Edward J. Peacock Reflections on a Meaningful Mentoring Relationship
Elena Iacono TBA
Fan Yang Moving Positive Psychology Beyond the Positive
Fizza Shah Positive Wellbeing Growth Mindset for all
Gary T. Reker Paul T. P. Wong: Visionary, Teacher, Researcher, and Collaborator Extraordinaire
Geoff Thompsom TBA
Gerson Francis Tuazon Embracing Meaning: Dr. Paul Wong’s Influence on my Research and Career
Harold G. Koenig TBA
Holli-Anne Passmore TBA
Jessica Mead TBA
Jonathan D. Raskin TBA
Joshua Wong TBA
Judith Toronchuk My Friend Paul Wong
Kristján Kristjánsson Professor Paul Wong: A Philosophical Tribute
Lesley Lyle An Indefatigable, Innovative Exemplar
Lilian Jans-Beken Paul T. P. Wong: My Long-Distance Science Mentor
Lixian Bao Lying down or transcending yourself?
Lok Sang Ho Prof. Paul T. P. Wong Answers the Call of Life to Love
Marie Dezelic A Life of Responsibility and Meaning
Matthew T. Lee Whole-Person Flourishing: Paul Wong and Loving Awareness of the Existing (and Suffering) Individual
Mega Leung Paul T. P. Wong: Professor, Mentor, Role Model, and Friend
Pooja V. Anand Dr. Paul T. P. Wong: A stalwart, a warrior, an inspiration
Richard G. Cowden Paul T. P. Wong: A Light on the Road Less Traveled
Ryan M. Niemiec A Man Filled with Character
Sandip Roy TBA
Scott Barry Kaufmann TBA
Siobhan Connolly-Hogan TBA
Tim T. F. Yu Memories of Paul T. P. Wong: His Character, Vision for Psychology, and Impact on my Life
Todd Kashdan TBA
Tyler J. Vanderwheele TBA
Victoria L. Bowers Honoring Paul T. P. Wong’s Life’s Work and Legacy of Faith, Spirituality, Mature Happiness, and Meaning-Making as Paul T.P. Wong’s Mentee
Wendy Roberts TBA
Wesley Wong TBA
William (Bill) Compton TBA
Yan Liu Paul Wong’s Christian Impact on my Life


In the past few decades, Paul has contributed a substantial body of research, assessment instruments, and interventions to the field of personal meaning. Extending Viktor Frankl’s mission, Paul has pioneered Existential Positive Psychology (EPP) or Second Wave Positive Psychology (PP 2.0), which posits that we need to embrace the dark side of life and transcend suffering to survive and flourish.

A visionary leader, Paul created the INPM as home for those who are drawn to the “big tent” approach of its mission—focusing on the universal human quest for meaning and purpose—regardless of our theoretical stripes. In the same generous, ecumenical spirit, Paul has mentored many young scholars and collaborated with numerous researchers around the globe.

Over the last 20 years, Paul has honoured many individuals for their outstanding lifetime contributions to the field of personal meaning at the Meaning Conferences, which have become important events for us to gather in fellowship, share inspiring ideas and latest research findings, and explore new horizons for meaning-centered research and interventions. The Celebration Banquet at the most recent 2018 Meaning Conference was a fitting occasion to honour and celebrate Paul’s lifetime of achievements in psychology.

This celebration continues with a Festschrift, with papers impacted by Paul’s research and personal commentaries. We invite you to send a congratulatory note in writing or video (to which will be posted here! Let’s celebrate Paul’s example of making this world a better place through courage, passion, and self-transcendence.

Don Laird and Christina Pettinato from Pittsburgh say happy birthday!

Dr. Lee and his students from Korea honour Paul on his birthday!

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