Festschrift (Draft Version)

The saga of the undefeatable Paul T. P. Wong: His quest for meaning and the science of suffering

Editor: Lilian C. J. Wong
Publisher: INPM Press


Lilian C. J. Wong Preface

In the past few decades, Paul has contributed a substantial body of research, assessment instruments, and interventions to the field of personal meaning. Extending Viktor Frankl’s mission, Paul has pioneered Existential Positive Psychology (EPP) or Second Wave Positive Psychology (PP 2.0), which posits that we need to embrace the dark side of life and transcend suffering to survive and flourish.

A visionary leader, Paul created the INPM as home for those who are drawn to the “big tent” approach of its mission—focusing on the universal human quest for meaning and purpose—regardless of our theoretical stripes. In the same generous, ecumenical spirit, Paul has mentored many young scholars and collaborated with numerous researchers around the globe.

Over the last 20 years, Paul has honoured many individuals for their outstanding lifetime contributions to the field of personal meaning at the Meaning Conferences, which have become important events for us to gather in fellowship, share inspiring ideas and latest research findings, and explore new horizons for meaning-centered research and interventions. The Celebration Banquet at the most recent 2018 Meaning Conference was a fitting occasion to honour and celebrate Paul’s lifetime of achievements in psychology.

This celebration continues with a Festschrift, with papers impacted by Paul’s research and personal commentaries. We invite you to send a congratulatory note in writing or video (to celebration@meaning.ca) which will be posted here! Let’s celebrate Paul’s example of making this world a better place through courage, passion, and self-transcendence.

Don Laird and Christina Pettinato from Pittsburgh say happy birthday!

Dr. Lee and his students from Korea honour Paul on his birthday!

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