Existential Psychology

Dr. Paul Wong

Frankl’s Self-Transcendence Model and Virtue Ethics

Authors Co-authored with Timothy Reilly, Ph.D., Dept. of Psychology, University of Notre Dame Abstract This presentation will conclude my research project on Viktor Frankl’s self-transcendence (ST) model as a framework of applying virtue ethics. My focus in this...

Positive Psychology in North America

Authors Co-authored with Roger Tweed, Ph.D., Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Surrey, BC, Canada.Historial Background to Positive Psychology in North America Humanistic Psychology The story of positive psychology (PP) in America begins long prior to the modern...

Self-Transcendence: A Paradoxical Way to Become Your Best

Introduction I propose that the way to become your best self is, paradoxically, to become more selfless. I want to make the case that, in a world of cut-throat competition, the best strategy to survive and prosper for individuals and societies is to give our best in...


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