One good thing coming out from COVID-19 is the increase in research collaboration on how to cope with COVID-19. In the last 6 months, I’ve got more international collaboration than in the last 6 years because of increased interest in my existential positive psychology (PP 2.0), which posits that we can grow through the pandemic because sustainable wellbeing is grounded in overcoming suffering.

I have completed three international research projects with researchers outside USA: Nature Human Behaviour (Eisenbeck et al., under review); Current Psychology (Arslan et al., under review); and Journal of Positive Psychology (Fisher et al., under review). I have also co-author two chapters on COVID-19 and shame (Wong & Hwang, in press; Takano & Wong, in press) and one published paper with my mentee in China (Zhang et al., 2020). The latest publication project is a special issue in Frontiers on existential positive psychology and COVID-19. The deadline for submission is Oct.1.

Other international projects include the 11th Biennial International Meaning Conference (2021) which focuses on meaning and resilience. Division members are welcome to submit their abstracts. For details, see

In addition, I have been invited to do interviews by people from all over the globe, such as from Mexico (Aladro, 2020); Portugal (Soares, 2020); India (Anand, 2020); and Spain (Conciencia, 2018). I have also presented a webinar for Kenya regarding how to cope with COVID-19.


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