A Very Thin Line

A Very Thin Line (A Published Poem)

Published as Wong, P. T. P. (2016). A very thin line. In L. Hoffman & S. Fehl (Eds.), Journey of the wounded soul: Poetic companions for spiritual struggles (pp. 42-43). Colorado Springs, CO: University Professors Press. Written on Easter Sunday, March 27, 2005. In memory of Ruby Lee, my mother-in-law. A very thin line Of invisible ink Beyond which There’s no return The farthest reaches Of the human mind Cannot comprehend What lies behind The darkly shroud Death was kind to her A much needed rest After a long rough ride No fears, no regrets Just looking back With a kindly eye

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Grant Me A Second Chance, Lord

Grant Me A Second Chance, Lord (A Published Poem)

Published as Wong, P. T. P. (2016). Grant me a second chance, Lord. In L. Hoffman & S. Fehl (Eds.), Journey of the wounded soul: Poetic companions for spiritual struggles (p. 73). Colorado Springs, CO: University Professors Press. I cannot break through the stone wall of silence Nor can I bridge the gulf of misunderstandings. There is nothing I can do to repair the damage, No amount of apologies can make up for the hurt. Please grant me a second chance, Lord, To start anew and make things right. I have messed up my life real bad, And I have been to

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What is the Meaning of Love

What is the Meaning of Love? (A Poem)

“What is love?” asks the little girl, With wide-eyed innocence. Is it in poetry or music? Is it the scent of roses? “What is true love?” asks the young lady, With an inquisitive look. Is it that special queasy feeling? Is it in the passionate embrace? “What is the meaning of love?” asks the grandma, With a twinkle in her eyes. Undying love is unfailing empathy, And a kind word in spite of pain.

Missing You

Missing You (A Poem)

How I remember the times of laughter and joy In our quest for meaning and a better life! When we met for the first time, Little did we realize what it all meant. But those times together have taught us much About love, friendship, and the beauty Of standing side by side and holding each other’s hand No matter what life throws at us. The journey we have started together Can’t be completed with your absence. Life would be shallow and lonely When you are missing in our midst. Let’s remember each other in prayers and thoughts Till we meet

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Separation (A Poem)

I know the pain of saying goodbye And losing a part of me in the wind. I know the gaping hole in my heart— Which nothing can fill. I know the meaning of a final goodbye And the unbridgeable gap between us. All the tears and all the weeping Cannot melt a heart that is frozen. Before the dreaded day of parting, Don’t let anything stand in between, Not a cloud of misunderstanding Not a gesture of rejection. While we’re still alive and together, I just want to hug you and say how much I care. How I long to

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Is This the Meaning of Love

Is This the Meaning of Love? (A Poem)

Why do people fall in love even when it hurts so much? The heart longs for a tender touch which never comes, The heart aches to hold someone far, far away. But true love always hopes and never dies. No sacrifice is too high to care for someone you love Without expecting any returns. So loves endures the wounds and pains But finds comfort in bringing joy to the beloved.

True Love

True Love (A Poem)

It’s enough to feel your heartbeat without saying a word. There’s no better music than a beat so powerful and pure, Pulsating with hope, quickening the night. I’m fully satisfied to suffer and die with you by my side. My tired heart will leap up for one more time, If you can hold my hand. Who can ask for more from life, With a friend so true and strong?

Mystery of Love

The Mystery of Love (A Poem)

Is love in the eye, in the touch, and in the stars? Is it the dream that satisfies all our heart’s desires? Is it the phantom of a lonely poet’s imagination? Is it an irresistible obsession and addiction? But love is much much more. It is something deep within our souls Seeking someone to cherish and love for life.

Love Addiction

Love Addiction (A Poem)

Let go, let go, let go what you cannot hold. Let go, let go, let go what does not belong to you. All your self-sacrifice has no meaning— It neither ennobles nor endears. Love can be very cruel. That emotional high of intimacy is matched By the intense torment during separation— The vicious cycle of addiction. I know your pain, despair, and shame And your desperate need for love opiate. Your dependence a crushing burden, Your pining a self-made prison. Let grieving takes its deep work— Your loss will be your gain. Never again will you feel the euphoria But

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Goodbye My Brother

Goodbye My Brother (A Poem)

Goodbye my Brother Till we meet again In our heavenly home Beyond the starry sky. Welcomed by angels singing Ushered to His glorious presence You stand tall with face glowing, Free from tears and pain. What a long, long night! What a long, hard fight! Now a new day has dawned Your cross is now your crown. With a gentle glance You bid farewell to loved ones. Then you took flight like a butterfly With so many sweet memories. How beautiful the end! How sacred the moments of silence! We can hear the distant sea Singing love songs to the

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