Published as Wong, P. T. P. (2016). Grant me a second chance, Lord. In L. Hoffman & S. Fehl (Eds.), Journey of the wounded soul: Poetic companions for spiritual struggles (p. 73). Colorado Springs, CO: University Professors Press.

I cannot break through the stone wall of silence
Nor can I bridge the gulf of misunderstandings.
There is nothing I can do to repair the damage,
No amount of apologies can make up for the hurt.
Please grant me a second chance, Lord,
To start anew and make things right.

I have messed up my life real bad,
And I have been to hell and back.
Eating bitterness as my daily bread
And washing my face with tears each night,
I’ve paid the price for all my wrongs,
And You have paid my debt with death.

Will You hear my desperate cry?
Will You lift me from the horrible pit and
Set my feet on higher ground?
There is no turning back the clock,
There is no undoing of what I’ve done.
Will You grant me a second chance, Lord?