I want to shout from my rooftop:
“Halleluiah, praise the Lord!”
because I can still dance in the storm,
despite all the stings and arrows of misfortune.
I know that it would not be long
before I have to say goodbye,
but I will depart without regret
for being part of this exciting life.
Yes, the world is full of suffering,
yet, it is also full of wonderful moments–
I can’t count them one by one,
but each one can imbue my life with joy.
Children playing in the park,
lovers walking and holding hands,
the air is filled with the scent of Spring,
what a heavenly scene for an old man!
I imagine a better world
where people can live in peace.
That’s why I use my every breath
to tell others: I’ve found the Way.
Yes, I have fought a good fight,
now, I’m ready to meet my Lord and Savior.


Wong, P. T. P. (2021). In praise of life. Dr. Paul T. P. Wong. http://www.drpaulwong.com/in-praise-of-life/