when you are confined to a room or a bed
and struggling with every breath?
What is the point of living,
when so many people are dying
and you may not see another sunrise?
Is life nothing more than just breathing?
More than mere feeding and elimination?
More than being kept alive by machines?
These questions kept me awake
even when my body needed sleep.
The answers came to me in a lucid dream.
Several old friends smiled at me,
reminding me of the good time together,
They came from different period of time.
I recalled the exciting moments
of my first degree, first love, first job
and what I had done for others.
I remembered the happy day
when I first heard God’s call
and many answered prayers.
Most of the meaningful moments
were hidden deep in my memory
and filled my heart with tears and joy.
The meaning of life can be found
in those precious mements and
the knowledge that I am not alone.