*Inspired by the Netflix Series, More Than Blue, about a terminally ill man who tries to find a husband for his beloved friend.

I’ve found happiness
in the saddest story,
Of a hopeless love
doomed from the start.

You entered my life
like a virus or madness,
Taking over control
of my heart and mind.

My highest Heaven is
in your tender embrace,
Losing myself willingly
while time stands still.

This is also my hell
to endure the pain,
Of keeping my desires
from crossing the line.

Sorry for keeping it a secret
about my failing heart,
Which beats for you
Can you see it in my eyes?

It’s like stabbing my heart
to push you away,
To a healthy man
coz Death is claiming me.

I was happy for you
on your wedding day,
But my heart was breaking
tears flew inside me.

But I’ve found happiness
to have known love –
Two souls becoming one
in a cold and lonely world.

I’ll fly away quietly
like a little cloud,
I’ve not suffered in vain
for my only love.


Wong, P. T. P. (2022). The saddest happiness. Dr. Paul T. P. Wong. http://www.drpaulwong.com/the-saddest-happiness