Submitted by Daniel Jordan, Board Member, INPMDaniel Jordan

Daniel Jordan has been a lifetime member and proud supporter of INPM since 2006. INPM has been instrumental in helping his family’s private-pay residential facility develop a treatment philosophy for its addicted adult male population. Daniel and his family opened Sunshine Coast Health Center in 2004. Partially in response to the inspirational presenters at the 2006 INPM conference, Sunshine Coast Health Center switched from a behavioural 12-step model to a humanistic-existential meaning-centred model. Program Director Dr. Geoff Thompson is a former student of INPM Chair Dr. Paul Wong and has been actively developing an addiction treatment manual based on meaning-centered therapy.

Before founding Sunshine Coast Health Center with his family in 2004, Daniel was engaged in a number of business interests including being the manager of a Japanese lumber exporter in Vancouver, a commodity trader for a Korean trading company in Seattle, and proprietor of a foodstuff import business in Manila, Philippines.

In 2010, Daniel served as Conference Manager for the INPM Conference held in Vancouver, British Columbia. Daniel is excited to bring his marketing expertise to help INPM grow and flourish and help establish the Wong’s legacy of transforming the delivery of psychotherapy.

Daniel is currently on full-time sabbatical from Sunshine Coast Health Center and is in the process of completing a degree in philosophy at Kwantlen Polytechnic University at Richmond, British Columbia. Daniel is happily married to Gina, his wife of 30 years, and has three children, Spencer, Andi, and Harris.