From a hill far far away
Over the valley of tears
Across the blood-tainted field
I send you my love and prayers.

Even in my darkest hour,
With my soul sorrowing unto death,
I still thought of you with tenderness
And prayed for your forgiveness.

You may never comprehend
How I could love you still
After tearing my heart apart
And trampling it with contempt.

It may seem like pure madness
That I should love you to the end
When you nailed me to the cross
For loving you more than my own life.

You may never know my heart,
Nor understand the depth of my love.
Maybe one day when you’re sick and old,
You’ll remember someone who died loving you.


Wong, P. T. P. (2011). Love and Forgiveness [Poem]. Dr. Paul T. P. Wong.