Let go, let go, let go what you cannot hold.
Let go, let go, let go what does not belong to you.
All your self-sacrifice has no meaning—
It neither ennobles nor endears.

Love can be very cruel.
That emotional high of intimacy is matched
By the intense torment during separation—
The vicious cycle of addiction.

I know your pain, despair, and shame
And your desperate need for love opiate.
Your dependence a crushing burden,
Your pining a self-made prison.

Let grieving takes its deep work—
Your loss will be your gain.
Never again will you feel the euphoria
But neither will you feel the pain.

Sweet times have faded away like distant memories
But scars of a thousand cuts still remain.
Your heart is as still as the Dead Sea
Unruffled by a sudden gust of wind.

When you look into the sunny sky
Faith, hope, and love will long abide.
There is no fear, no regret
In loving someone who loves back.