Submitted by Dr. Gordon Medlock, Board Member of INPM

Judith WrightIt is my pleasure and privilege to introduce Dr. Judith Wright to the INPM community. Dr. Wright is a featured keynote speaker at our 2016 conference, and will be providing an integrative perspective on personal meaning and human flourishing in the emerging field of second wave positive psychology. Her research and practice draw from the traditions of Adlerian, existential, and humanistic psychologies, while also integrating recent research in neuroscience and positive psychology—all within an innovative model for facilitating transformational learning, coaching, and leadership.

Dr. Judith Wright is a best-selling author, corporate consultant, and executive coach, and co-founder of the Wright Foundation, a 501c3 devoted to designing and delivering innovative curriculum to help people bring out their best, energize their lives, and make a difference in their worlds. She is also the co-founder of the Wright Graduate University for the Realization of Human Potential. She serves as Dean of Faculty and Professor of Transformational Coaching & Leadership, supporting students in graduate degree and certificate programs in coaching, transformational leadership, and social & emotional intelligence. The author of The Soft Addiction Solution, The One Decision, Transformed! The Science of Spectacular Living, and The Heart of the Fight, Dr. Wright lives and teaches in Elkhorn, WI, and Chicago, IL.

Her most recent book, The Heart of the Fight, is coming out this month and is co-authored with her husband, Dr. Bob Wright. It focuses on helping couples discover what really matters in their fights in order to achieve deeper levels of connection and intimacy. Based on over 30 years of couple’s coaching experience and research, the Wrights challenge the conventional wisdom that the purpose of relationships is to make us “happy” and that good communications skills are enough to resolve conflicts. Rather than seeing fighting as something to avoid, they provide tools to help couples discover what really matters in their fights and to use their fights to deepen their connection with each other and with themselves.

Dr. Wright has appeared as a featured expert in life coaching and adult transformational learning on ABC’s 20/20, Oprah, Good Morning America, the Today show and hundreds of radio and television shows. She has the rare ability to touch groups of all types and sizes, communicating her messages with great passion that inspires audiences.

Dr. Wright has her BA in psychology, her MA in education and counseling, and her doctorate in Educational Leadership and Change.

I look forward to her participation at the 2016 conference and her sharing her perspectives related to the themes of the conference and the mission of INPM to better understand and support the universal human quest for meaning and purpose.