INPM Summer Institute 2013

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Troubled by senseless traumas, such as the Quebec train wreck, Calgary flooding, and 911?  Saddened by the seemingly futile struggles for meaning in terminal patients and the old-old? Puzzled by the human bondage of depression and addiction?  What can mental health professionals do in the face of these challenges?

Meaning therapy may be the best answer in these situations, according to all available research.

Founded by the famed Vienna Psychiatrist Dr. Viktor Frankl, and expanded by renowned psychologist Dr. Paul T.P. Wong, Meaning Therapy is a powerful integrative system that employs meaning as the central organizing construct, and integrates the best practices of other schools of psychotherapy.

This two-and-half day intensive training on Meaning Therapy will be given by Dr. Paul, T. P. Wong, a truly dynamic presenter with more than 30 years of experience as a psychotherapist, supervisor, professor, and researcher. He has presented widely across North America and Asia. His workshops engage participants to discover their own healing potentials and integrate their own therapeutic work, whether CBT or ACT, with the new concepts and strategies of Meaning Therapy.

Dr. Wong is the author and editor of more than one hundred books, chapters, and journal articles. His two editions of The Human Quest for Meaning are considered landmark publications in meaning research and Meaning Therapy. His research and clinical work focus on the positive role of meaning-making in healing and strengthening psychological health.

Why Meaning Therapy? Because no one can go through life without having to struggle with issues of meaning and purpose. Many mental health issues occur because we live in a dehumanized technological culture that does not support human beings’ basic need for meaning, relationship, significance and productive engagement.  Meaning therapy is based on the affirmation that every life has intrinsic meaning and value and every person has the potential to be a force for good, no matter how bleak the circumstances.

This Summer Institute will help clinicians learn how to take advantage of the unique human capacity for meaning-seeking and meaning-making, and how to make effective use of their own presence in fostering a healing relationship – the most powerful common factor in effective therapy.  The intensive workshop format will draw on the most recent positive psychology research on meaning with the most relevance to clinical practice. The workshop will also provide role play and opportunities to work individually on skills development. Please visit for more information.