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Together, we continue to make progress in our mission – we are contributing to the second wave of positive psychology with meaning as its core construct.

Since its inception, INPM has advocated the Big-Tent approach through its Meaning Conferences, workshops, and publications. It has always believed that a complete psychology needs to transcend all boundaries and integrate different schools of psychology. I have referred to such an integrative approach as existential positive psychology or the second wave of positive psychology (2.0).

I am pleased to report that the integrative movement is gathering strengths. In the next two months, I will be speaking on PP2.0 in University of East London MAPP program and IPPA Conference in Florida, and speaking on meaning therapy in the World Congress of Existential Psychology in London and World Logotherapy Congress in Moscow. In addition, I have been asked to contribute to an edited volume and journal articles on the second wave of positive psychology.

In short, the wheel of history in psychology is moving beyond traditional boundaries towards integration. INPM has played an important role in this history. But there is still much room for INPM to develop its integrative meaning brand — a brand with a very promising future.

More specifically, we need your support in promoting our Summer Institute this year. We also need your concrete support in developing a two-year Masters equivalent program in meaning-centered counselling and psychotherapy. This professional education program is an important piece in creating the second wave of applied positive psychology. I will report in more details in a future issue of the Newsletter.

On the organizational front, we are still busy working on the appointment and election of Board Members. Please read Dr. Luis Marrero’s report on this issue of the Newsletter.