Submitted by Gordon Medlock, INPM Board Member for the Positive Living Newsletter (July 2016). Read the rest of the newsletter here.



A New Name for a New GameWe the board members of INPM want your ideas and votes regarding the best new name for the INPM journal. As most of you know, the current name is the International Journal of Existential Psychology and Psychotherapy (IJEPP).  This name has served us well over the years, focusing on meaning-centered psychological research and practice originating in the existential tradition of Victor Frankl.

The vision of INPM under the leadership of Paul Wong has been to be a broadly inclusive organization—a ‘big tent’ for bringing together a wide variety of approaches, theories, and methods regarding the psychology of personal meaning and its importance for human flourishing.  As such, our hope is that a new name for the journal will provide a clearer beacon to attract scholars, practitioners, and readers who have an interest in contributing to and understanding this important aspect of human well-being.

We are also in conversation with publishers to find a new publishing home for the journal. Our intent is to find a publisher that aligns with our mission and who will provide high-quality editorial direction and support.

The INPM board is proposing three journal names for your consideration:

  1. The International Journal of Existential Positive Psychology
  2. The International Journal of Personal Meaning
  3. The International Journal of Organizational and Personal Meaning

These are proposed in the spirit of stimulating discussion among you the members to ultimately determine the new name for the journal. You can ‘vote’ for the name of your choice through this link. We will share the results of this informal survey at our members’ meeting on Sunday, July 31, 2016 at noon at our conference, where we will further discuss the issue and hopefully arrive at a consensus regarding the best journal name going forward.

We look forward to receiving your suggestions and meeting with you at the conference.

Respectfully Submitted on behalf of the INPM Board,
Gordon Medlock
INPM Board Member, Publications Committee