Luis A. Marrero, MA, RODP, LLP

luis-article-imageI am pleased to write my first contribution as Editor for The Positive Living Newsletter; and grateful for the vote of confidence that Dr. Paul Wong and the new International Network for Personal Meaning (INPM) Board of Directors has bestowed on me.

The Board held its first retreat on October 27 and 28 in Toronto, Canada; and an ambitious as well as exciting agenda has emerged for the benefit of our current and future INPM members. This includes our goal of welcoming and collaborating with several allied psychology associations. In his President’s Report, Dr. Wong introduces the new Board members, and provides highlights of the first Board meeting. In the report he expands on the value and wisdom of integrating “…the positive psychology of meaning research as well as insights from other branches of psychology…” We look forward to collaborating with other professional associations and adding value to our membership through this multidisciplinary approach!

We too look forward to what will be a stimulating 9th Biennial International Meaning Conference, to be held in Toronto, Canada, from July 28th through the 31st, 2016. See also further details about the Conference in Dr. Wong’s President Report. We will enjoy welcoming you to beautiful Toronto.

Our Featured Member for this edition of The Positive Living Newsletter is Dr. Gordon Medlock, a member of INPM’s Board of Directors. We encourage you to learn about your officers and Directors, and to approach us during our events. We would very much enjoy meeting you in person.

Finally, continuing my previous contribution on my logoteleology theory or Meaningful Purpose Psychology, I share a short paper, Suffering in Meaningful Purpose Psychology. Feedback and comments are welcomed.

Please join INPM or renew your membership. You are very welcome to “Our Tent”.