I) Death Avoidance Dance

I can sense your dark presence,

whether I go East or West.

Where can I hide from you?

How can I flee from Thanatos?

Don’t follow me like a shadow.

Don’t haunt me like a hungry ghost.

Let me eat, drink & have a good time,

Until you finally catch up with me.


II) Dancing with Death

I have known you for a long time

and you have waited for me patiently.

Now, I am ready for your embrace

without fear and hesitation.

I have fought a good fight, and

I have offered my life a living sacrifice,

Gone are my struggles & suffering,

I am ready to meet my Maker.

Take my hand for the last dance,

till I hear the sweet sound welcoming me home.


III) Death Acceptance Dance

I can feel the chill when you come near

but I am no longer scared.

Looking deep into your hollow eyes,

I can see that you really care.

Yes, I can hear the tiktok song,

keenly aware of the march of time,

but I will make every day count,

to be the best I was meant to be.


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