“Existential Psychology East-West Conference in Nanjing, China, April 2-5, 2010 is the first conference of this nature to occur in China and has developed in response to great interest in existential psychology in China. Given our sponsors and lectures from previous years, we anticipate well over 200 attendees from China including scholars and practitioners. Additionally, many of the leading existential scholars from the West have already committed to attending the conference.

The intentions of the conference are to promote dialogue on existential psychology between the East and West, and we have intentionally sought individuals from China to bring indigenous Chinese perspectives to dialogue with existential psychology. Additionally, we have worked very hard to assure that there is a balance between Eastern and Western contributors to the conference.”

Dr. Paul Wong was invited by the Conference Chair to speak on “The Core Themes of Chinese Existential Psychology” and participate in the dialogue sessions.


Wong, P. T. P. (2010, April 2-5). Core themes of Chinese existential psychology. Invited lecture at the East-West Conference in Nanjing University, Nanjing, China.