Author: Evelyn Mak

Renewing the Church as a Healing Community

Katherine Hanlon The Context The evangelical church is going through an identity crisis. It doesn’t know how to adapt to the fast-changing secular culture and at the same time remain faithful to its biblical mandate and moral authority. Even the emerging churches are trying to define themselves theologically, missionally and culturally. But the church does have a key role—a clear mandate to be a healing community in the midst of a broken world. There are currently several problems for the church being the healing community it needs to be. Key issues include Feelings of isolation and insecurity:Why do pastors...

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How Best to Prepare Missional Leaders

  “Missional” has become a Christian buzzword. An increasing number of churches self-identify as being missional. Many seminaries have adopted a missional approach to theological education. There is now an explosion of new books on this topic. But what does it mean to be “missional”? To some, it is nothing more than a misguided emerging fad. To others, it is a new spirit-led church planting movement. To me, it a lively church conversation to which we ought to pay some attention, because it may have significant implications for pastors and ordinary Christians. In this brief essay, I first draw...

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Lessons on Christian Ministry and Cell Groups

delfi de la Rua It was a pleasure to have shared with the adult cell group of Cambridge Community Fellowship Church last Sunday (Nov. 19, 2017) about the lessons I have learned from my five decades of experience in Christian ministry working with small groups, both church-based and campus-based. At first, I was reluctant to accept my son Wesley’s invitation, because of a bad experience I had when I was a visiting scientist at UCLA and spoke to a cell group of a big church. This group was full of graduates from Harvard, Stanford, Berkley, and UCLA. They not...

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The Need for Nurture: Do the Good in Front of You

Submitted by Beverly Alves for the Positive Living Newsletter (November 2017). Read the rest of the newsletter here. In light of our nation’s current political and social environment, and because I’m now in the latter decade(s) of my life, I would like to share some of the experiences and insights that my late husband Joe and I encountered, that would/could hopefully create a better society, and a sense of more personal fulfillment for our people and for people anywhere. I believe if we want to create healthy human beings and a healthy society it all begins (and ends) with nurture...

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Featured Member: Rachel Newton

Submitted by Rachel Newton for the Positive Living Newsletter (November 2017). Read the rest of the newsletter here. What do you do with a psych degree if you don’t think you can be a psychologist? How about gaining experience to add hard business skills to a generalist degree? Then, try a number of jobs and careers from customer service, reception, office admin, tech support, sales and marketing. Do this in various industries including education, hospitality, executive recruitment, tech and health. Finally, to make things really interesting, you could live in different cities all over the world. And the timeline for...

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Featured Member: David Carreno

Submitted by David Carreno for the Positive Living Newsletter (November 2017). Read the rest of the newsletter here. First of all, I would like to express my thanks for the incredible welcome that I received from Dr. Paul T. P. Wong and Dr. Lilian C. J. Wong. It is so rewarding to know that psychology also includes human professionals who practise what they preach.  The motive of the present text is to introduce myself to all of you as a new member of this community. Currently, I am a research fellow in the Department of Psychology at the University of...

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Work and Meaning Division Progress Report

Submitted by Ken Howard, Chair of the Work and Meaning Division of the INPM, for the Positive Living Newsletter (November 2017). Read the rest of the newsletter here. Ken Howard (Chair), Shizuka Modica (Vice Chair), and Rachel Newton (Secretary) Milestones At the International Meaning Conference in Toronto in July 2016, the INPM Board initiated its efforts to launch the Work and Meaning (WAM) Division. Fourteen months later, we have the following major milestones to report: Defined the division’s vision and goals Began work on defining terms related to meaning and work Delivered a 7-person panel symposium at the International Meaning...

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Highlights on the Taiwan Lecture Tour: Report by a Board Member

Submitted by Chieh Hsu, Board Member for the Positive Living Newsletter (November 2017). Read the rest of the newsletter here. Dialogue between PP 2.0 (P. Wong) and Chinese Indigenous Psychology (KK Huang) (National Kaohsiung University, Kaohsiung) September and October 2017 have been busy yet rewarding months for Dr. Paul Wong, Dr. Lilian Wong, and myself as we flew from Canada/United States to Taiwan with a 12-hour time difference and travelled across four major cities with over 20 lectures, speeches, presentations, and workshops. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I introduced the INPM and the 2018 Meaning Conference in each...

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Why I Love Taiwan

President’s Report for the Positive Living Newsletter (November 2017). Read the rest of the newsletter here. This is my fourth and the longest lecture tour in Taiwan. After four weeks of immersion in her culture and close interactions with her people, I have discovered so many wonderful things about this beautiful island, and I want to share my findings with INPM members. A Model Country of Peace and Prosperity Everywhere I went, I was greeted by the warmest and friendliest people I have ever met. Everywhere I went, I witnessed a hard-working, peace-loving people doing their best in a hostile...

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