Author: Evelyn Mak

Living with Cancer: A Case for PP 2.0 (Keynote, Meaning Conference 2018)

unsplash-logoJulentto Photography Cancer is a fitting metaphor for the evil and suffering of life, because it even brings pain and death to innocent children and adults who practice a healthy lifestyle. Cancer symbolizes the inherent fragility and brevity of human life—the undeniable universal fact that no matter what we do to protect ourselves, we all can be injured physically and psychologically by toxic and violent people, broken relationships, traumatic events, pathogens, accidents, loss, aging, illness, and death. Thus, the challenge confronting us is how we can survive, thrive, and be happy under these terrible conditions. I proposed existential positive psychology...

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Meaning Conference 2018

Join researchers and practitioners from over 30 countries at the 2018 Meaning Conference, a “big tent” gathering known for its inclusivity, integration, and innovation in meaning research and its applications since 2000. See for yourself why many—including luminaries such as Dr. Carol Ryff—have called this their “homecoming,” especially as we celebrate the INPM’s 20th year anniversary jointly with founder Dr. Paul Wong’s 80th birthday. REGISTER NOW Speakers Carol D. Ryff, Ph.D. Hilldale Professor of Psychology and Director of the Institute on Aging at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Michael F. Steger, Ph.D.Professor of Psychology and Director of the Laboratory for the Study...

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