What a beautiful summer day!

with sparkling blue sea,

and children playing on the beach.


But I’m too busy chasing my own tail,

too tired running away from troubles,

too tired pursuing all my dreams.


Where can I hide from my own Shadow?

Where can I find rest from all my desires?

What a pathetic life I have!


Why do I have to die in my prime?

Why do I have to leave this world

without knowing true happiness?


But there is a still small voice

whispering to my forgotten soul:

“It is never too late to start afresh.”


Oh yes, a moment of awakening,

can redeem all my past sins,

and restore the joy of the child in me.


What a beautiful summer day,

when I am free to enjoy all the beauty,

and the inner peace for the first time.


Wong, P. T. P. (2021). A moment of awakening. Dr. Paul T. P. Wong. http://www.drpaulwong.com/a-moment-of-awakening/