COVID-19 Psychological Tests

-------- Research and Intervention Measurement Instruments -------- by Dr. Paul Wong


These psychological tests were developed for research and therapy. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these tests could be used to assess one’s wellbeing and mental health. Please email for permission to use these tests for research or publication; otherwise, feel free to download these tests for personal use.


Dr. Paul Wong is looking for co-authors to help complete his research projects of creating and validating scales related to second wave positive psychology, meaning in life, and wellbeing.

If you are interested, click the button below to see open projects and email him directly at

All COVID-19 Psychological Instruments

Title Abb. Article Notes
1. CASMAC Wong, 2019 Measure of Character
2. Critical Choice Points Wong, 2020 Critical choices for living a good life
3. Coping Schemas Inventory-Revised CSI-R Wong, Reker & Peacock, 2006 See here for original print
4. Existential Gratitude Scale EGS Jans-Beken & Wong (2019)
5. Life Attitudes Scale LAS Wong, Leung, Vroon & Steinfort, (2003)

Tragic Optimism

See Wong, 2007 for more

6. Life Attitudes Scale-Brief LAS-B Wong, Arslan & Leung, 2020


7. Personal Meaning Profile PMP Wong (1998)
8. Personal Meaning Profile-Brief PMP-B McDonald, Wong, & Gingras (2012)
9. Responsability Scale Wong & Arslan (2020) User Guide here
10. Search for Meaning Scale (2019) SMS
11. True Grit Checklist TGC Wong, 2017





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