What are the immediate results or benefits from practicing Meaning Therapy only in a few sessions?

1. You establish a trusting relationship as someone who really cares about your clients, understands their struggles, and points them to the right direction.

2. Of the infinite ways of going through life, you show them that, based on research, the pursuit of meaning is probably the most promising way to live fulfilling life.

3. You show them that meaning can be experienced in three ways without fully understanding the different philosophical and psychological arguments about its nature. Then, they will discover that their lives become meaningful when they (a) pursue a life goal or value that is more important than their own lives, (b) develop mutually trusting and caring relationships with others, and (c) have faith in a higher power, a transcendental reality, and believe that life has intrinsic value and is worth living, whatever the circumstances.

These three elements (meaning, relationships, and faith) constitute the golden triangle for positive mental health.

4) You show them that healing and thriving are possible if they practice three simple principles: (a) summon up the courage to confront all their fears, face the problems before them, and admit their own brokenness, (b) accept the reality that life is full of suffering and injustice, that life is fragile and short, and their responsibility is to become their best and yield good fruits, and (c) transform all negatives into positives through their natural capacities of meaning-seeking and meaning-making.

These three elements (courage, acceptance, and transformation through meaning) constitute the iron triangle that will enable them to overcome all their trials and tribulations.

5) You show them the daily mental disciplines of (a) having the meaning-mindset of discovering meaning in every situation, (b) having a mindful awareness of things as they are as they enfold, and (c) having the dialectical thinking that good outcomes often result from balancing two opposing views and emotions.

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